Bi-Wire Tekton Design's Ulfberht Speakers

There are some potential benefits to bi-wiring, but what seemingly occurs in audio is not always guaranteed due to the subjectivity of sound.

Bi-wiring a speaker can be a relatively inexpensive way to improve overall sound quality. Ideally, one would run two identical lengths (and type and gauge) of two-conductor wire to each speaker. One wire may handle the tweeter and the other the woofer for each speaker tower depending on internal wiring.

Here's your typical conventional back of speaker cabinet view exposing jumpers or bridges between the terminals. To bi-wire you'll need to remove the jumper or bridges if they exists:

The wiring scheme of such setup looks like this:

What a bi-wire scheme looks like:
What bi-wiring can do is reduce the negative effects of the impedance differences between high and low frequencies traveling through a single wire. Bi-wiring speakers with separate wires can also help reduce interaction between the two signals, thereby improving overall sound quality.

Now you may buy premade bi-wire cables such as these. However, after trying these particular cables I decided to make my own. The wiring used in these cables seems thin 16 gauge. In case you'd like to purchase these they are available on Amazon: k4B-2B Bi-Wire Speaker Cable (2 Banana Plugs - 4 Banana Plugs)

I ended up ordering a few roles of this trick 10 gauge wiring from Amazon made by KnuKonceptz. I then spliced the wire and used both bananas and spade connectors to make my own cables. The KnuKonceptz wire contains 462 Strands of 100% pure Oxygen Free Copper. KnuKonceptz Kord Kable 10 Gauge Copper Speaker Wire 50'

For connectors I ordered up some bananas from GLS: GLS Audio Banana Plug Speaker Connectors - Black Chrome Generation 4 - 20 Pack. And spades from Amazon: Mediabridge Ultra Series Fast-Lock 45° Spade Plugs - 6 Pair Per Package - (Part# SPC-ST2-6)

Spade connectors:

Banana plug connectors:

On the back of my Emotiva XPA DR3 the two pairs of wires are connected to single posts utilizing the above wires and connectors. Seen below are one spade and banana to a single amplifier output binding post:

On the back of the Tekton Ulfberht speaker towers are terminals that are meant for bi-wiring. Banana plug connectors are seen here below to terminals:

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