I had no idea!

After leaving CF I had no idea what to do with myself for a couple of weeks. Seriously, for a decade visiting that site etc was part of my daily routine. I didn't miss the drama but I do miss the staff I've grown with over the years.

Anyhoot, began a few projects around the house making do with my time. Here's one project I thought to share. Cabinets! Had no idea the prep and work might take so long. I began trying to spray the cabinets but that turned out too messy so I resorted to a brush.

When we purchased our home we tried to save as much money as we could. Little did I know the few thousand the builder asked for upgraded cabinets would be realized as a good deal. I now know why, given the amount of time and labor to refinish the cabinets why the price tag. Below are our "base" cabinets which were inexpensive and to me ugly brown.

Seen here is the center island. After sanding and painting I ordered up some cabinet handles from Amazon and installed:

More sanding and painting:

Finally! One island and one kitchen wall completed!

I painted the cabinets a color by Benjamin Moore called, "silver half dollar". 

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