HiFi Audio Acoustical Room Treatment begins

Just hung two Acoustimac panels [4'x2'x2"] behind rear ported towers along with 9 panels above. Moved into an open floor plan house some three months ago. Up until now the room was untreated. Hitting the mute button on the remote results in the music playing for what seemingly is a second as the music continues bouncing around off the walls. I ordered Acoustimac panels to place around the room. Two of which are installed behind the rear ported speakers.

The biggest difference has been made to the front sound stage imaging. The room has a left front corner whereas the right front has no corner but extends out another 10 feet. Because of this the left side tower was corner loaded definitely playing louder having a natural room gain. The sound is more even now from adding the 4 ft by 2 ft panel behind the towers but moreso the left side. I wasn't expecting this surprise at all with a panel! I take it that not all acoustic panels are made the same as some suggested to me that I need a minimum of 5" thick panels behind the towers. These particular panels measure an actual 2 1/2" and are made from Rockwool Mineral Core Insulation by Acoustimac. You can purchase these Acoustimac Panels from Amazon: Acoustimac Panels [4'x1'x2"].

Stage 2: Back far wall treated. 12 more Acoustimac panels to hang!

After having treated the entertainment wall behind the system I'm actually in uncharted waters as this is the first time a soundstage has opened up to me in a 3d sense. There is definitely an addition of depth that hadn't existed before.

Just loving this system. Streaming Amazon's ultimate jazz station through DTS Play Fi app.

In the future I may address the reflections off the side window and even bass traps. Until then happy listening!

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