Garage Door Opener Battery Backup System GENIE 37228R


My garage door opener is a Genie 4164 Screw drive. I found out that if the power goes out or the garage door circuit breaker blows entry through the garage isn't possible. In order to provide backup power when a blackout happens I searched and found this backup battery supply unit. 

The installation was a breeze: open the plastic battery cover [4 screws] and connect the power wires from circuit board to the power terminals. Close the plastic battery cover back up. I used the mount supplied with the battery and zip tied it above the opener. The Genie screw drive or at least the model I own has a connector for the back up battery unit which plugs directly in. After connecting the battery back up to the screw drive by way of supplied connector I unplugged or disconnected power to the opener and hit garage door open/close button in the garage or the remote. The opener operates now fine. The back up battery upon full charge supplies up to 50-cycles in a 24-hour period after initial power outage.

The battery made by Interstate Batteries may be purchased from Amazon: 
GENIE 37228R Battery Backup System

Here's the installed Genie Back up Battery located above my Screw Driver opener:

Now during power outages or blackouts my garage door remains fully functional! 

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