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S.M.S.L. M400 DAC Impressions

Flagship DAC chip AK4499, the audio industry's highest performance.The latest Bluetooth supports APTX/HD, SBC, AAC and the industry's highest specification 24bit/192kHz UAT format!Support MQA full decode ! No matter where you are, it ’s like being on the scene.USB uses the second XMOS XU216…

Hifi Audio Phantom Center Tuning - Life with Tekton Design Ulfberhts

A phantom center channel refers to the psycho-acoustic phenomenon of a sound source appearing to emanate from a point between two speakers in a stereo configuration. When the same sound arrives at both ears at the same time with the same intensity, it appears to originate from a point in the center…

Bypassing Tekton Design's 4-10 amps for Parasound - Satisfying curiosity

How good is Tekton Design's choice of amp in the 4-10? Better read to the end of this article before ditching the Yung amp. Seen above are the only terminals I now use from the Yung amp equipped in Tekton Design's 4-10. There were line level input terminals but I bypassed the amp inside the…